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Sarah Nazeer
Sep 29, 2017

I gained over 30 lbs in training in addition to 20 lbs of medical school. I was getting no results with working out and calorie counting. I came across inshapemd and was a little hesitant. I didn't know if I could adhere to the diet AND get the results. 7 weeks later, I am 17 lbs down and excited to start my next cycle soon! The staff is absolutely amazing. They are truly there for you throughout this ENTIRE JOURNEY. It's like family when you join the inshapemd team. I have DAILY support and encouragement that I can conquer my weight loss goals. Without them, I would not be where I am today. I would recommend this program to EVERYONE! Follow their instructions and have faith in yourself. Just in case you don't have the faith- they have MORE THAN enough in you!

Letricia Long
Sep 25, 2017

The HCG life style definitely works by curbing your appetite and helping you drop pounds. I have lost 3 dress sizes and kept it off. I love this lifestyle.

Howie Lindsey
Oct 14, 2016

I'm down 2 pant sizes in the last couple of months and have lost 40 pounds overall. The best thing is - they meet with me each week to talk about our plan to keep the weight off which has been a big issue for me in the past.

Chris Goodaker
Sep 25, 2016

I did the HCG program with InShapeMD a couple of years ago leading up to a spring break trip. I had checked prices with other places in town, and InShapeMD's program cost half as much as the other places who were doing it. I lost 41 pounds during that time and have yet to gain any of it back. It did a lot of good things for me, but the lasting effect is that it has caused me to eat better. The staff is really great and worked hard to help me not only lose the weight, but to understand my body and how to keep the weight off. Since then, I have done Testosterone Therapy with InShapeMD and been very happy with that too. It is without a doubt the most inexpensive place to do Testosterone in town (believe me I've checked!), and yet their quality of service is fantastic compared to what some of my friends describe at other places. Testosterone has really helped me have more energy, drive, and a better quality of life. I cannot recommend InShapeMD more highly. They did a lot for me, and I have heard the same thing from many friends who I have sent to them as well.

Russell Phelps
Apr 24, 2016

Loving my results. The staff is great. Highly recommend

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